Stone Wave Reviews

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The Stone Wave claims to actually bake foods using your microwave. Microwaves can do a lot of things, but baking typically isn't on the top of the list.

It's kind of bizarre that you'd be able to have anything "gourmet" come out of your microwave. With other As Seen on TV products, we've seen microwaves do alright at cooking bacon, or making quick eggs in the morning, but it seems like a bit of a stretch to think we could actually cook some of the same dishes you'll find at a five star restaurant. At first we were doubtful that a product like this could actually live up to expectations. We needed to know more.

How It Works

The Stone Wave is made of a very unique ceramic that spreads heat evenly and actually "bakes" the food contained inside. While the official website shares no specifics about what makes their ceramic so special, we have a good idea...

You see, back in 2008 researchers at Penn State and Japan managed to come up with a "breakthrough" ceramic prototype material that was capable of heating its contents twice as fast. With that in mind, it seems like no coincidence that several years later, a mass produced product would arrive to the US market carrying a striking resemblance to the original ceramic material announced in 2008 scientific publications (see photo to the right).

The original experimental material was made of 20% magnetite and 80% petalite, which unlike typical bowls, heat up with the food so it isn't passing heat to the bowl. Ever wonder why the inside is always hotter than the outside? That's why.

One downside of the experimental container was that it got so hot you needed oven mitts to pull it out. So it seems Stone Wave took it upon themselves to solve what would surely become a common problem, and added a handle that stays cool enough to touch (although we would advise users to exercise caution if you've been heating something up for more than a few minutes).

Another nice little feature about the Stone Wave is it's "steam chimney" on top of the lid. This lets out just enough steam so the lid doesn't blow off, while still keeping enough heat inside so contents cook just right.

When looking back at how plain and ugly similar ceramic prototypes looked back in 2008, it's apparent that the creators of Stone Wave took their time to create a much nicer finished product that would certainly appear superior in both form and function.

The Buzz

The TV infomercial certainly plays its role to hype up potential buyers. The idea of cooking all these "gourmet" dishes in your microwave is certainly an attractive proposition, but the actors (like in ALL infomercials for some reason) seem to take it way over the top. It's as if it's the most delicious food they've ever eaten. Clearly there are some theatrics involved and you may not enjoy it THAT much... but it's still a very compelling prospect for someone who likes the idea of quick cooking with no aftermath.

The Cost
The Stone Wave is listed for $10 plus shipping and handling, however you get 2 of them and pay on shipping for both so your total cost comes to $24. If you decide to take them up on their 30 day guarantee you'd just get back the $10 and be out $14 plus return shipping costs. The phone sales process has actually been criticized due to the high variety of upsells. An upsell is when a company will get you hooked in with a lower priced item in the hopes that you'll add more to your order while you're still in a "buying state of mind".
Stone Wave Microwave Cooker

You probably won't need to change much about the way you cook to use the Stone Wave, and in theory it can help you prepare some dishes ALOT faster and with alot less mess. It comes with a 5 minute recipe guide which helps many people save quite a bit of time cooking common every-day meals.

The Stone Wave boasts about it's ability to make things like omelets, apple cinnamon bakes, French onion soup, as well as chocolate souffle with their product. If you're lost for ideas on ways to use this, and want to be sure everything ends up the way they show it in the video, you can just follow the steps in the recipe booklet. The nice thing about the commercial is that the foods look like they were actually cooked in the microwave, for instance the eggs they show have that dead giveaway of eggs cooked in the microwave. It's likely they didn't just switch the food out for food that was cooked using traditional methods.

The Final Judgement
The Stone Wave is getting our mark of approval for it's design and functionality. Just the handle itself virtually makes this worth purchasing because if you're like me, you've probably burned your fingers one too many times on a hot plate or bowl fresh out the nuker. Having something to be able to hold onto is a fantastic bonus that will certainly help Stone Wave win some fans.

The pricing structure is not as customer friendly as we would have liked, and buying this thing over the phone has been described as "aggravating"... but if you buy online you won't have to deal with any of that. The product itself seems to be a good buy, as most customers admit that it wasn't one of those TV products you reget getting afterwords.

As long as you stay with the 2 pack for $24 it's not a bad deal for just $12 each, and from all the good reviews it seems you won't need to worry about sending them back. We think most buyers will be completely satisfied with this one. See what all the fuss is about, and give it a try!